Zooey Barnes

Den Mother


Zooey is a Kindred of saintly manner. Courageous and kind. She has taken it upon herself to provide safehouses for the Caitiff and thin-bloods the Red Right Hand has so viciously hunted. When she can she assists them with escaping to California but encourages those strong enough to stay and fight for their homes. Whichever path they choose, she puts them in touch with the right people within the movement.

The truth is that not much is known about Zooey Barnes. She just showed up one day when the Anarchs were having their darkest days offering assistance. What is know: she works night shifts at Bellevue Hospital as a nurse; she claims to be Caitiff, though some have had cause to doubt; and she has a distaste for violence and malice.

Zooey Barnes

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