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The Bohemian – With the rise of hiphop in the mid-1980’s, various rap scenes began to sprout up across the nation. The Bohemian was Seattle’s first hiphop club, playing host to some of the early greats and some local rap battles. By the early 1990’s it was the place in the Puget Sound area to see live hiphop performances.

Chinatown District – Even Anarchs respect the treaties drafted by the Prince and Zhang Jingchu. Her kuei-jin have proven deadly efficient and do not tolerate outsiders enter their territory. Vampires have been forbidden to enter Chinatown or interfere with the business of the so-called Kindred of the East.

Claremont Hotel – Dating back to the 1890’s, the Claremont Hotel has a rich sense of history that few other Seattle locales share. It’s warm woods, soft lighting, and uniformed staff all harken back to Golden Age era history. It even smells of linseed oil and old cherry tobacco. It also happens to be one of the most haunted locations in the Emerald City. A horrible massacre occured here when it’s basement served as a divebar during Prohibition. Sixteen people died that day, making it an ideal headquarters for the Giovanni clan in the metropolitan area.

Fenix Underground – The source for the gothic, metal, and industrual scene of the 90’s, Fenix Underground is the place to get your fix of BSDM fashions and the dark night of the soul. A favored hunting ground for many vampires, filled with drunk and stoned scene kids who wouldn’t even think to bat an eye at the sight of a fang.

Kubota Garden – “Are you nuts?! Don’t fucking go in there, man! That place is off limits to us. You think you’re just going to have a nice stroll under the moonlight. With all the zen gardens, bamboo, koi, and shit. Then WHAM! Your severed arm’s in the jaw of some lupine fuck wrapped in orange bedsheets caked with your blood. Just. Keep. Out!”

O.K. Hotel – If you want to hear what’s happening in the punk scene first, the O.K. Hotel is the place to go hear it. It’s also one of the easier places to score heroine other than beneath the Fremont bridge. With all the loud music and stoned junkies, it is a favored hunting ground for the Gangrel and Brujah living in the metropolitan area looking for an easy feed.

The Paramount – Established in 1928, the Paramount is Seattle’s oldest operating theatre and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places in ’74. Opened primarily for the showing of film and vaudville, today the Paramount hosts a diverse number of acts from concerts, dance, live performance, and silent film.

Seattle Underground – Like most major metropolitan areas, Seattle is built on the ruins of what came before. Beneath it’s street lie the ruins of the underground. Anything that wasn’t raised to the new level you can find down here. You can still follow the cracked, paved streets and many of its crumbling store fronts are still recognizable. It’s the most comfortable subterranian dwelling a Nosferatu could ask for.

Smith Tower – Completed in 1914, the 38-story Smith Tower is the oldest skyscraper in Seattle and the known haven of Prince Gordon. Many of the deals and treaties he carved out her negotiated in the famous Chinese Room on the 35-floor. There is heavily-armed secutity on very floor perninent to the interests of the Prince, making any attempt at a raid by Anarchs a pipedream.

The Space Needle, Elysium – Sky City Dinner located in the Space Needle has been declared Elysium by Prince Jordan. It is now a safe haven where the Camarilla can meet and discuss the future of the city. It’s doors are also open to the Anarchs, who are welcome provided the respect the Traditions and Prince while in attendance.

Sub Pop Records – Founded by Bruce Pavitt in 1986, Sub Pop is the hottest indie record label of the day. They have signed some of the best new talent in the Pacific Northwest, from Mudhoney and Soundgarden to Nirvana and Sleater-Kinney. Many of their artists have gone on to mainstream careers. The Terminal Sales Building, which operates as the record label’s headquarters, is owned by some of the city’s most influential Anarchs and sometimes plays host to their clandestine meetings.

The Troll Under the Bridge – “What the hell is this thing? Where the fuck did it come from?! How come it’s always looking at me!?!”

University of Washington – The University of Washington was founded in 1891 and is open territory for the Kindred, except it is a known haven for the magi. Every vampire knows it’s best to leave the magicians to their experiments, if only for the sake of self-preservation. Still the Tremere occassionally have dealings with the magi and maintain thier Chantry near the campus, if at a safe distance.

The Waterfront – Overlooking Elliott Bay, the Waterfront is one of Seattle’s most striking neighborhoods. It hosts both container ports, comercial and small boat docking, as well as the Great Wheel, an aquarium, and a hotel overlooking the water. The board walk is nearly always packed with tourists, who while easy prey in and of themselves are difficult to hunt due to the sheer volume.

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