Janet Van Dynne

Militant Rebel


Like her fellow Brujah, Janet has a lot of anger but no idea where to direct it. Finding the Seattle Anarch cause was like finally finding the square peg she fit in to. Janet’s role within the organization is recruitment and security. It’s her job to check out new recruits and make sure the locations for meetings are kept hidden.

Janet came out of the San Francisco hardcore scene during the early 80s, following acts like Black Flag, the Dead Kennedys, the Minutemen, and X across the California countryside as a teenager. While attending South California University, she meet an Arab boy named Arin who opened her eyes to political struggles in the Middle East, Tibet, and right here in the US of A. She began studying political sciences and philosophy seriously, eventually falling for the boy she had only ever meet at late-night local hardcore shows.

After a few months of late night rendezvous, Jeanette began to want something more serious from her mysterious lover. Arin was forced to reveal that he was, in fact, Kindred and though he loved her too it could never be. Jeanette demanded that he Embrace her so they could be together. Arin resisted, telling her she didn’t understand what she was asking. In time, Arin caved to her wishes and Embraced Janet, then together stole away to the Great Pacific Northwest.

Eventually they settled in the Pudget Sound area and become embroiled in the Anarch struggles against the Ivory Tower. Arin, unfortunately, was one of the early casualties as the war escalated in the Camarilla’s favorite. Jeanette has sworn revenge against the Sheriff White for sending her lover to meet Final Death. She, along with the remaining Anarch resistance, have relocated to Redmond and Bellevue to recoup following the Cam’s victory, but they swear to each other the fight isn’t over.

Janet Van Dynne

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