Gordon Jenner

Prince of Seattle


Through skilled positioning, efficient politicking, and ruthless tactics, Gordon’s strategy won the Emerald City for the Camarilla. As his reward Gordon was elevated to Prince and tasked by Justicar Welles with securing his victory. He vowed to the Justicar that Seattle would remain under Camarilla control til the End of Days.


Born in 1839, Gordon Jenner was the son of a wealth plantation owner. When he saw the end of the road for slavery with the coming of the Civil War, his father sold the family plantation and wisely invested in railroad. In 1869 Gordon inherited his father’s company and began investing in steel and lumber, creating a monopoly that impressed someone else very much.

He was Embraced in 1870 by a sire who took notice of his incredible business acumen and leadership. He seems to have always been leading the way in big business charges. In 1901 he got out of the railroad industry, foreseeing President Roosevelt’s trust busting of the rail and steel industries. In the 1920s he turned his attention to the newspaper industry becoming a media mogul. Since then he has been involved in media in one form or another – one of the secret hands behind the power that shapes the national consciousness.

By the 1950s he began eying potential principalities to make a bid for.

Gordon Jenner

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