Arthur Dent

Mad Poet


As Malkavians go, you might think that Arthur has gotten off easy. Well-educated and knowledgeable, he is an excellent conversationalist who knows exactly how to play to an audience. This well-adjusted exterior, however, belies a much deeper and more insidious form of madness: post-traumatic stress disorder. Arthur was Embraced after coming home from the Vietnam War and suffers from horrific flashbacks and an inability to cope with violence. He uses poetry as his outlet, writing terrifying and affecting verse about the nature of violence and death. Despite his disability, he a central figure in the Anarch movement, using his talents to convert Kindred to the cause.

Born in post-WWII boom economy, 1944

Studied lit at UCA Berkley, completed grad school

Married high school sweetheart in 1966

Was enlisted immediately following graduation in 1968

Wounded on second tour in 1971, discharged with honors

Diagnosed with shellshock in 1972 and had self commited after attacking his wife

Embraced in ’73 by a Malkavian committed to the same institute

Divorced his wife in ’74 and returned to the real world, moving to Seattle

Settled into the Anarch scene, becoming a popular figurehead for the movement

Arthur Dent

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