The 90’s – flannel shirts, grunge rock, hip hop, coffee, multiculturalism, alternative media, a booming economy and burgeoning communication technology industry are the order of the day. A few short years ago the Cold War ended with a whimper rather than the expected bang as the Societ Union dissolved. The Iraq War finished as soon as it started and President Clinton was ushered into office on a platform of neoliberalism and saxophone playing. Seattle is on the rise both nationally and internationally as both a cultural and business center. A number of major corporations headquartered in the greater Seattle area are on the rise, such as Boeing, Microsoft and upstart Starbucks. In the last few decades multiple skyscrapers have been errected and gentrification is pushing out most of the city’s original residents to the surrounding suburbs. Meanwhile, the children of the nineties, the so-called Generation X, are dubbed the middle children of history and written off by the media leading to a malaise of apathy and angst in youth culture.

For the Kindred, Seattle was once a sterling example of the Anarch community but has since come under contest. In the late sixties, riding on a wave of labor union victories and cultural revolution, Anarchs controlled Seattle by preventing the Camarilla from gaining a foothold. Anarchs, in fact, still represent the greatest population of vampires within the city proper. Despite this advantage of numbers, the rapid reconstruction and expansion following Mt. Saint Helens, rise of the technology industry, and vested corporate interests in the Puget Sound area gave the Camarilla the necessary leverage for control. The Anarchs are now forced to pay lipservice to Ivory Tower’s hierarchy and policies while scheming to eject them from their city. But the Camarilla’s hold is tennuous at best, as where they go in these Final Nights the Sabbat are never far behind. Sabbat packs have been spotted terrorizing the territory, threatening to encroach on both factions.

Welcome to the Great Pacific Northwest. This is Seattle by Night.

Standard character creation packages. No splashbooks. No Sabbat PCs. No other supernatural races (werewolves, mages, etc.). You may create either a neonate Kindred or, if you so desire, ghoul in service to another player or an NPC vampire. You may be recently Embraced/thralled or older, but you should all be old enough to have moved on from the nest. Your characters should have personal goals, relationships, and strong motivations to help drive the story. Consider the following when creating your master/sire:

Who is your sire/master?

What is your relationship with her like?

Is she in good standing with the Anarch community or a Camarilla loyalist?

Were you Embraced within the tennents of the Traditions?

Has your sire/master ever commited Diablerie?

If so, then how has she escaped justice at the hands of the Camarilla all these years?

Submissions will be accepted thru June 12th. The game proper will start the following Monday, June 15th.

Seattle by Night